Uniview MW7212-A-BL-U

Uniview MW7212-A-BL-U

The MW7212-A-BL-U LED display screen features seamless display, super-high brightness/contrast, and ultra-wide viewing angle, achieving good visual effect. It has a compact design, long lifetime and low maintenance cost.

BrandUniview MW7212-A-BL-U
Key Features• High grey level gives detailed and realistic images.
• Seamlessly splice images without black lines on the screen
• Simple and stylish appearance, easy to install.
• High brightness and contrast provide optimal images.
• Take up less space with a slim and compact design.
• Long lifetime.
• Low heating and excellent heat dissipation, no noise.
• Low failure rate and low maintenance cost.
• Ultra-wide viewing angle and satisfactory display effects from different angles.
• High refresh rate and frame frequency provide high image quality.
• Bump-proof design for the cabinet.
• Support front maintenance.
• Support wall mount without reserving space for maintenance.
LED Module
Pixel PitchP1.2
Resolution (W×H)256×128
Dimensions (mm)320×160×15
LED Unit
Dimensions (mm)640×480×63
Modules Component (W×H)2×3
Resolution (W×H)512×384
Weight (Kg/pcs)8.32
Pixel Density (pitch/㎡)640000
Surface Evenness (mm)0.2
Cabinet MaterialDie-cast aluminum
Processing Performance
Grey Level (bit)14
Scanning Mode (s)64
Driving ModeConstant current driving
Frame Frequency (Hz)50×60
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥3840
Power Supply (V)AC 200-240
Average Consumption (W/㎡)152
Max Consumption (W/㎡)459

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