Poly G7500

Poly G7500

Outfit conference rooms to meet your organization’s unique needs. The Poly G7500 video conferencing system offers best-in-class audio and video, plus it’s flexible and customizable for any room space. It seamlessly connects to multiple cameras, microphones, and 3rd-party components — plus it includes a robust set of REST APIs so you can easily integrate with controllers and other room components. Launch all your video calls with confidence and ease as the Poly G7500 includes built-in cloud video apps – no PC required. And its flexibility to connect to USB devices and Poly Lens cloud management means easier deployments and ongoing management.

Key Features

Poly Director AI
Smart camera technology

Flexibility for larger spaces
Right-size the solution for your space, Match by meeting type, Ensure everyone is seen and heard.

Flexibility to deploy the technology
The right camera(s), microphones placed to be sure all voices are captured, and other room peripherals and controllers integrated into one total solution

TypePoly G7500 4K Camera Codec-System
2 xHDMI 1.8m, 1 xCAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 xCAT 5E SHLD 25ft,
UK-Type G, BS 1363 PORT :
1 . 3.5 mm audio line out
2 . 3.5 mm audio line in
3 . Security lock
4 . Mini-DIN/RS-232 serial port
5 . USB-A ports
6 . USB-C port
7 . HDCI input for Polycom cameras
8 . HDMI input for sharing content (for example, from a laptop)
9 . HDMI output for the primary monitor
10. HDMI output for the secondary monitor
11 . LAN connection for the system
12 . Link-local network (LLN) connections for IP-based peripheral devices
13 . Power cord port

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