Improve your teaching and student outcomes with our feature-rich LMS platform that saves you time and provides more active learning experiences for your students. Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers will transform Moodle into an LMS that meets your unique needs.

ABNC help customers to conduct long-distance learning by implementing Digital Learning Platform with key features from user enrollment, assessment, until scoring. Also help customers to convert materials or books to digital material which can access from Notebook and Smartphone.

Modern, Easy to Use Interface

Moodle’s goal is to be fully accessible and usable for all users regardless of ability. That being said, some modules are fully accessible and some are not accessible. Instructors are individually responsible for ensuring that their content is accessible, such as PDFs and other documents

Customable Site Design and Layout

If you have internal staff who is willing to invest in Moodle development, or you are willing to pay for a high-end Moodle Partner package, Moodle is very customizable. Moodle also has many LTI integrations with other products and services

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