Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 2xGOLD 5215 Ram 8x32GB SAS 8×2.4TB 2U

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 2xGOLD 5215 Ram 8x32GB SAS 8×2.4TB 2U

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 is an ideal 2-socket 2U rack server for small businesses up to large enterprises that need industry-leading reliability, management, and security, as well as maximizing performance and flexibility for future growth. The SR650 server is designed to handle a wide range of workloads, such as databases, virtualization and cloud computing, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), enterprise applications, collaboration/email, and business analytics and big data.
This product guide provides essential technical and pre-sales information on the SR650 server, its key features and specifications, components and options, and configuration guidelines.
This guide is intended for technical specialists, sales specialists, sales engineers, IT architects, and other IT professionals who want to learn more about the SR650 server and consider its use in IT solutions.

Server 2U Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 2xGOLD 5215 Ram 8x32GB SAS 8×2.4TB7X06A0C7SG “ThinkSystem SR650 Lenovo Server :
1x Processor Gold 5215 10Core 85W 2.5Ghz // Intel C624 /// 1×2.5″” SATA/SAS 8-bays (Up to 24 bays) // Raid Controller 930-8i 2GB PCIe (Support RAID 0/1/10/5/6/50/60) // Open Slot LOM // Power Supply 1x750Watt (Support 2 PSU) // Optional Toolless Slide Rail // X-Clarity Controller // Front VGA Port Not Avalaible // 3x PCIe x8 1x PCIe x16 maximum 7 slot / Warranty 3Years Onsite 24 x7″

4XG7A37916 SR550/SR590/SR650 Intel Xeon Gold 5215 10C 85W 2.5GHz Processor x1unit
4F17A12349 ThinkSystem SR650 FAN Option Kit x1unit
Memory Lenovo Memory 32GB DDR4 Rdimm x8unit
7XB7A00069 ThinkSystem 2.5 2.4TB 10K SAS 12Gb Hot Swap 512n HDD x8unit
7ZT7A00549 ThinkSystem 10Gb 4port Base-T LOM x1unit
7M27A05702 ThinkSystem Toolless Slide Rail x1unit
7N67A00883 ThinkSystem 750W(230/115V) Platinum Hot-Swap Power Supply x1unit
39Y7917 European 10A line C13 to CEE 7/7 (2.8M) x2unit

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