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VistaPlus AP15 Key Features


  • Audio accuracy. DSP-based multiband compression technology improves call intelligibility by correcting for signal loss anywhere in the bandwidth.
  • AudioIQ® ensures consistent, comfortable listening by automatically adjusting the fluctuating noise levels of incoming calls to the user’s preference while protecting against sudden loud noises such as fax tones or whistles.
  • Noise reduction. AudioIQ reduces both incoming line noise when the agent is talking and background noise when the agent is listening.
  • Background noise compensation. The AP15 automatically adjusts to compensate for varying levels of background noise, delivering clearer audio even in noisy contact centers.
  • Outstanding echo cancellation ensures great audio even on VoIP systems.
  • Convenient controls: one-button selection for mute, headset/handset, and separate controls for adjusting incoming and outgoing volume.
  • Compatible with both single-and multi-line phones, and can be powered by an agents’ PC if an outlet is unavailable.
  • Warranty: Two years for unsurpassed durability.

About Us

PT Angkasa Buana Niaga Cipta (ABNC) is the First PLANTRONICS Authorized Distributor in Indonesia since 1997. As a part of telecomunication company group, ABNC is focusing on distributing only the best headset in the world to the best companies in Indonesia.


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